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 Do you want to check the speed performance of your site? Why not try to find out the bottlenecks and fix them with help of this tool. Pagespeed Insights Checker tool is easy and fast. 

Using our free tool, you can check out the page speed insight test reports of the web pages on both the desktop and mobile. It will provide you with all the necessary information, diagnostics, and suggestions on how to improve your page. 

You will get the doughnut chart at the beginning of the report. That chart shows the score of the page’s performance along with you will get the 

The Page Speed checker reports on the basis of the performance of a website on every type of device. It also suggests information that can be helpful to improve your web business.   

Once you start using the tool, you will come to know about the score and its meaning. Like 90 or above that means your site is really awesome and fast. A score between 50 to 89 means it’s average and below 50 is considered as too slow. 

Page speed insights checker tool shows the information in two different categories. 

Audits: Different datasets and metrics. Each metric shows the score, information, items, and suggestions on how you can improve the page speed. 

Diagnostic: It reveals the information related to the page performance and doesn't directly harm the page speed score.