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About Plagiarism Checker

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This plagiarism checker is strong enough to point out the matching content among millions of trusted web pages. Once you upload the text to check, it will automatically detect the source as well as the copied lines. This one is the most reliable and fastest scanner for plagiarism. 

You can upload your content, using different formats like .doc, .pdf, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, and .odt. So, there isn’t any bound, you can use any type of documents to upload and check your uniqueness. This is specially designed for the people like you, who are very much serious about originality and uniqueness. 

This anti-plagiarism engine will allow you to download the report of your plagiarism result. So that you can use this as evidence to send back to your writers or respective sources to check and improve the content. Isn’t it awesome? 

Another special feature of this plagiarism checker is, it supports text in multiple languages. You can upload your content written in various dialects also. 

Once you upload your document or content, it will check the uniqueness and duplication. You will get the report in percentage also like it will show you 85% content is unique and 15% is plagiarized. 

This AI tool will notify you of the highlighted lines which are plagiarized. So that you can easily get an idea, which lines you need to remove from your content. 

You will get a COMPARE button there, to check on Google, the specific lines taken from which source or website.