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About XML Sitemap Generator


Are you looking for an effective XML Sitemap tool? This tool lists out the most vital pages of your website. The lists encircle - additional information about URL (last updated date, changes, etc). 

This can be submitted to Bing, Google, and other search engines. 

With the help of this tool the search engines discover, crawl, and exponent your site effectively.

By setting a formatted XML file on your site, a crawler could navigate what pages are there on your website. The tool lets webmasters add information about their URL updates.

A sitemap is very important for SEO practices, that help to invite traffic to your business. As the crawler indexes your website, the content of your page can be ranked into search results. 

To create a sitemap, 

  • crawl the web page

  • tap ‘sitemap > create XML sitemap

  • select ‘pages’ to include

  • exclude the pages from the XML sitemap

  • take the last modified date

  • tap ‘priority’ of URLs

  • select ‘change frequency’ of URLs

  • choose images you want to include in sitemaps.

Sitemap acts like a roadmap to direct SEOs about the web content and direct how to reach it. 

It is written for only search engine spiders not for humans. There are 3 primary types of sitemaps. 

It is exercised during web planning by the designer. Human-visible listing, generally hierarchical, of pages on a website. Structure listings are meant for web crawlers.