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Do you want a more search engine-friendly and HTML user-friendly equivalent? Do you want a static URL within just a single click? 

You must try this tool.  This is one of the most efficient tools launched by the AtoZSEOtools. Using a single click, you can quickly generate static URLs.  

This free tool will help you to convert your long dynamic URL into shortening. That’s the reason many online site owners use it. Static URLs are well optimized to rank your site properly on google. 

It’s a hassle-free job, just copy the URL and paste it into our toolbox and submit. Our tool will start analyzing and generating the result and give you a short and static URL.

We have designed this URL Rewriting tool so that you can update and rewrite your site’s URL. Static URL is much more effective than dynamic. It ranks better in search engines like Google. 

URL Rewriting Tool is easy to use, no need to be an expert to use this AI tool. You don't even need to download any software on your PC or Laptop. 

The tool is designed to make SEO easy. It brings easy and professional characteristic SEO solutions and complex SEO controls for websites. URL Rewriting Tool assists plenty of business owners,  and webmasters by making it easy for them.