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About Robots.txt Generator

More information about the Robots.txt Generator tool!


At ToolsNP, we understand the significance of having a fully optimized website that search engine bots can easily explore. To assist you in controlling the crawlability and indexability of your website, we have developed a powerful and user-friendly Robots.txt tool.

Describe Robots.txt.

A file called robots.txt tells search engine bots which sites or parts of your website to crawl and index. This file aids search engines in avoiding indexing and crawling unwanted pages, such as admin pages, login pages, or irrelevant content that could lower the rating of your website.

Why Use a Robots.txt Generator?

It can be much easier and less complicated to create this file if you use a Robots.txt creator, like the one offered by ToolsNP. You can create a user-friendly interface and customize your Robots.txt file with the assistance of our generator.

How to Use ToolsNP Robots.txt Generator?

Utilizing our Robots.txt program couldn't be simpler. Here is a detailed explanation of how to use it:

Step 1: Enter the URL of your website

Enter your website's URL into the field provided on our Robots.txt generator page. Make sure the URL for the website you want to create the Robots.txt file for is accurate.

Step 2: Select Directories and Files to be Excluded
Our Robots.txt generator allows you to exclude specific directories or files that you do not want to be indexed by search engines. The directories or files you wish to exclude can be picked out and added to the restriction list.

Step 3: Set Crawling Parameters

You can also set specific parameters for the search engine bots, such as the crawl delay, to slow down the crawling speed to avoid server overload.

Step 4: Generate Your Robots.txt File

Click the " Generate Robots.txt" option after customizing your Robots.txt file. You can copy and upload the finished file to the root directory of your website after our tool creates it for you.

In conclusion, having a well-optimized Robots.txt file is crucial for your website's search engine ranking. Our Robots.txt generator makes the process easy and efficient, enabling you to customize your file per your requirements and ensure that your website is crawled and indexed correctly. So why wait? Head over to ToolsNP and start using our Robots.txt generator today!