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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

More information about the Robots.txt Generator tool!


Are you looking for robots.txt? generator? No need to hire a specialized person or an expert, you can do it now on your own, with the help of our free tool. 

This tool is designed for SEO experts, Webmasters, and marketers to create robots.txt files without having vast technical knowledge.  

The robots.txt file defines which part of your page can be crawled with a robot. The file also can cover a link to XML-sitemap.

The Robots.txt Generator is placed in the root folder of your page, which helps the search engine to preface your site properly. 

By using this tool you can hide some of your data that you don't want the search engine to be crawled by random URLs. 

It has a few rules to run and each rule allows or blocks the entry of a given crawler to a specific file of your webpage. Unless you mark in the robots.TXT file as all files are allowed for crawling.

To create Robots.txt Generation you only need to go through three options that are - Allow all, Disallow all, and Customise. 

With the Allow all and Disallow all options you simply allow or disallow all URLs to crawl your website. 

Or you can select specific files that you don't want to be crawled by choosing the customize option.

So, it’s an easy and hassle-free tool. Use it and be an expert.