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Chase SERP ranking of several websites and your web page as a whole. View the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your sites. Even using the Mozrank Checker you are free to compare your websites to others and strategize SEO for collecting ranks.

Moz Rank is a popular and reliable metrics whether you need to weigh a domain's authority. It creates a “Mozrank” metric to count the SEO rating of specific websites. 

The tool Mozrank Checker is free to use. to check the score of the Moz of your site - enter domains (up to 10) on the text box and click the “check rank” option. The tool will show you the result right away.

It relies on the count of quality links that collect traffic to your website. The higher your rank on Mozrank the better you rank on search engines.

Mozrank checker helps you to develop a high rank for your websites by providing a personalized checklist. It informs you of a website's popularity on the basis of SEO rating. 

The tool will provide you with an idea about the popularity and authority of your webpage on the internet. 

The Mozrank checker uses a different algorithm that analyzes the link of a particular website. The better quality link of a webpage has to be popular, the higher scope of ranking on search engines.