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About Website Screenshot Generator

More information about the Website Screenshot Generator tool!

The free online tool lets you create one or unlimited screenshots of a website. Download the png icon of any website in the fastest and simplest way and then save it on your device. It works on any kind of device like - Windows, Linux, Androids, and IOS.

You will need this tool in the following situations -

  • Whenever you wish to see Google’s last screenshot of your website on the last visit of crawlers.

  • If you find any problems and you want to inform your web hosting authority by taking a screenshot.

  • Or, You have updated your webpage.

  • Whether you employ a developer and you want screenshots to stay informed about the changes or history records etc. 

There are innumerable situations where you need screenshots. Seeing its usage computer manufacturers provided the option ‘print screen’.

The smart tool is invested by the SEO Tool Centre and is a useful tool for making a screenshot. Screenshot Generator is a completely reliable and automatic, friendly tool. It does not paste any watermark on the shot. So you can use the shots anywhere in social media.

Website Screenshot Generator does not ask for any apps to be downloaded. It only requires a network connection to the particular webpage to take a screenshot. Just make a small click and the screenshot will be automatically saved to your device.