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This is a primary tool that helps you to know the age of any existing domain name on the web. This free tool is one of the most powerful domain age checking AI tools that is fully equipped with some advanced level of features.

Some other domain age checkers only show you the domain's existence within a few years. But our AtoZSeotools are much more organized and sophisticated. This will not only show you the age of any domain but also, the exact time, day, month, year, since it was created. 

Find out the age of a particular URL or of a domain with a few clicks. You will be able to calculate the domain age of a single or group of domains.

There are two ways of measuring domain age: 1. you can see the enrolment date of a domain, or 2. take the help of a search engine to find out the first crawl date of a domain.

The age of a domain only helps to cast other SEO metrics into consideration.

Put a URL address, the domain age study will comprise- website age (year/months), URL age (year/months), domain's first crawl date, and the URL’s first crawl date. 

URL and Domain exploring options- 

1. check backlinks,

2. domain authority,

3. perform SEO check,

4. Find organic competitors,

5. check search engine rankings.