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About Word Counter

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 It is one of the biggest problems for the writers, to calculate the reference blog words. While writing in a notepad, you may not understand the word count, so to solve these issues, we have launched this SEO tool.  

If you are writing an article or story? Want to count the words? The Word Count tool can do that for you.  The online tool can count the characters, words, sentences, pages of your current content. This also discovers the grammatical mistakes and corrects them. Word Counter makes your content readable. 

Word counter is an easy and clean web interface that counts characters, words, and pages to check the spelling mistakes and in your text.

The smart tool also traces the length with other common websites like- Facebook’s average display length (250), Google’s meta description (300). If your length crosses the limit the Word Counter will inform you. It is very adjuvant for writers. The tool provides you with top keywords and makes your word choice better.

To chase words of your content, select your text of a paragraph, or the whole article and it will display in numbers at the bottom left corner of the screen. You are even allowed to copy and paste texts from other projects into this online word editor. And the auto-save feature keeps your text safe while editing.