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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

More information about the Code to Text Ratio Checker tool!

The tool explains the visual text percentages of a website.  Calculates the content ratio found on HTML and text code. It assimilates the text amount in the site’s HTML code. 

Code to Text Ratio is a percentage of the actual text of a particular website. It refers to the code HTML that is studded on the site. The higher test of HTML ratio means better user expertise. A higher ratio is beneficial for increasing the chances of the websites to hold a better rank in SEO results. 

If additional HTML code is affixed to the page, that may increase the time of loading on the visitor's browser. And that is not a good thing for your website. 

To resolve that problem the Code to Text Checker is developed. It can extract the text from a paragraph and calculate the ratio of content.

It is a user-friendly tool, uses a different algorithm that counts the codes. To apply this checker pastes at least 10 URLs line by line to see its Code to text ratio, then press on the ‘ check ratio” button. The tool will process at your insistence and show the results immediately. You will receive the details related to your website - page size, code size, text size, and code to text ratio.

Getting a higher HTML text ratio helps increase the rank of your website in SEO. Plenty of SEO experts uses this tool as it is considered the best critical component while generating a website.