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About Google Cache Checker

More information about the Google Cache Checker tool!


Now freely test the Google cache of your websites anywhere and anytime you want. The tool will search for you if the website is cached by Google’s search index. A cache store web records topically for the future.  

Google Cache Checker, shows cached pages and keeps the records of the exact date and time when the web was cached. Google crawls over the websites on a regular basis on the internet. The tool takes a snapshot of each page and saves it for backup. find the last cached pages by putting a URL.

The webmasters or owners use this tool to analyze their website data that has been cached by google. It is helpful for search engine optimization.  

This tool is not needed to be downloaded, you are able to check your website caches anytime using the net connection. 

Google Cache checker is totally free and very easy to use. Enter multiple URLs (maximum 5) line by line then press on the “check “ button. Within a few seconds, the snapshot of the cached web page will be viewed to you. The report contains - serial numbers if you have put multiple URLs, URLs name, Cache URL, last modified (displays last status while the google copied the URL and stored as cache), and status.

 Google Cache Checker besides monitoring your sites also allows you to check the websites of your competitors. By checking competitors' websites you can witness the latest visits of their sites. Keep doing this every four days, you will get to know whether Google is crawling more at your competitors' sites.